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Crossfit: Before & After? Good Camera Angles? Or Are Some People Just Fit AF?

Both very fat, and very fit, people can have a food baby.

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Reeva's Family Is Happy With Oscar Pistorius' Ruling, But Should Society Be?

Whether or not we believe justice was truly served, can we take solace with the knowledge that the sentencing was sufficient for the Steenkamp family?

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The Real Reason To Be Outraged About Domestic Violence And The NFL

Why domestic violence in the NFL is dangerous—not just for victims, but for our whole society.

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Watch this Video Re-Humanize the Homeless

Every person has a story.

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Teen Rapists Face Intense Charges, Could Set New Precedent

Sadly, it's a tale as old as time; a person is sexually assaulted and the rapist(s) rides happily off into the sunset. But not in Georgia.


Stone Cold Steve Austin Warms up to LGBTQ Rights

WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has given the smackdown to the idea that masculinity and homosexuality are mutually exclusive.


Sexy at Sochi: Olympic Athletes Like (um, Love) to Get Busy

Imagine you’re strutting through a magical land where everyone has washboard abs and few rules apply. Everyone is hooking up.