#JoniDoesBabecamp Day 4: How It Feels To Be Stung By A Jellyfish (Spoiler Alert: NOT GOOD)

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, for the story of how a jellyfish stung me on my ass. It hurt. I got peed on. By several people, a few of them strangers. I would not recommend being stung on the ass by a jellyfish.


Why Is It So Hard To Imagine Our Lives After Dieting?

Dieting isn’t just a practice; it’s a way of life. What do we do when we don’t have any more calories to count and we have to deal with the wide-open space left in their wake?

When I realized I wanted to take on fat shaming and diet culture, my intuitive response was to start with me.

Take The Cake: Is Empowerment, Like, Victim Blaming's Cousin?

As I’ve begun to teach other people about how to break up with diet culture, I offer everything in my personal artillery. And I’m proud of that. I love that. However, I’m always quick to remind them that fatphobia isn’t their problem to fix because they — WE — didn’t create it. Our job is to heal ourselves and to live life on our own terms.