bipolar disorder

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Voice Lessons: Why I Speak Without Raising My Hand

Our noises are more than just vibrations; our soundings help constitute our presence in the world. Listen to me: what I have to say right now matters.

#NoShameInMyMedGame #endstigma

Destigmatizing Psychiatric Meds Literally Saves Lives

Bipolar disorder is our legacy. Not a great one, but a legacy just the same. Medications keep me alive. Destigmatizing psychiatric meds saves lives!

When I look into his eyes, I see my own. And in them, I see the disease we share reflected, bipolar disorder.

I Gave My Son Bipolar Disorder

I look in his eyes and I see my own. I see pain and confusion; I see the boy I loved so dearly and the man I love even more. I gave my son bipolar disorder.

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When You're A Mother Contemplating Suicide

Suicide is a complex issue, one which can be caused by numerous factors: i.e., mental health issues, physical health issues, familial issues, and financial issues. They can all put you “at risk.” The matter is a public health crisis. More than 800,000 people die by suicide each year. How do I know so much about suicide? Because I have considered suicide. Because I have contemplated suicide, and because I have attempted suicide.

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I'm 35 Years Old And Can't Drive A Car

No other act is more symbolic of adulthood and one’s “coming of age,” but there are numerous reasons why I don’t drive.

We have a pandemic preoccupation with productivity we are obsessed with productivity.

We Are A Culture Obsessed With Productivity — And It's Literally Killing Us

We have a pandemic preoccupation with productivity we are obsessed with productivity. We reward “hard work” with money and praise and admiration and envy.

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Mommamental: Talk To Your Kids About Bipolar Disorder

Talk to your kids about Bipolar disorder! It's not a conversation any parent wants to have. But it’s a conversation every mentally ill parent needs to have.


9 Things This Mentally Ill Person Wishes You Would Stop (Or Start) Doing

Please stop gaslighting me. Stop telling me that my mental illness isn’t real.