Many curvy burlesque performers are making the art new and exciting.

16 Plus And Curvy Burlesque Dancers

Burlesque is one of the few remaining artforms where the public embraces curves, rather than fights against them. Here are 16 curvy burlesque dancers! Read...
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Fancy Feast — The Fat Burlesque Performer

Fancy Feast, The Fat Burlesque Performer: A (Super Awesome & Babely) Film By Leon Chase

Fancy Feast is smart, funny, entertaining, and gorgeous. I don't have anything else to say. Read...
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When I take that selfie and share it, I am saying that this disabled body is beautiful and admirable.

Why This Disabilibabe Loves Her False Lashes

I understand that a lot, if not all, of the incredulity at the femmes who fancy themselves up is veiled insecurity about alternative forms of self- Read...
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The BIG Bang McGillicuddy.

Why I Strip

“Why would you do that? You have a daughter. Why would you put yourself in that position?” Read...
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Credit: Skwid Inc. Photographic Arts

3 Ways Burlesque Has Made Me A Better Mom

"...do you know what happens in lightly buzzed stupors? You get brave. Really brave. So, I signed up for it. In my lightly buzzed stupor I signed up Read...
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Amanda Trusty Roars To Katy Perry And Shares Her Journey To Body Acceptance

 I am not the sum of anyone, or anything, other than my experiences. And I Read...
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She's Sitting Pretty

"I now had my seat of power, my throne, if you will. That’s why I customized my chair to look like a throne. And that’s why I liked it in my act: Read...
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To Become A Woman Is To Become A Whore

Before you became a whore you were an insecure child, doing for free that which could set you free. Read...
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