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I’m Done Being The Perfect Older Sister

Like moms and other women in caregiving roles, it seems that older sisters are disproportionately likely to take on family responsibilities.


6 Ways We Sabotage Our Relationships With “Caretaking” Behavior

When we adopt the “caretaker” role, we minimize our partner’s contributions and exaggerate our own, which creates an unbalanced dynamic that prevents intimacy from developing.

My mom helped me find the balancing point between caretaking and controlling because she insisted on her autonomy. “I don’t need your help in the shower,” she’d say, “and I can dress myself.”

The Summer My Mother's Progressive Arthritis Taught Me To Love And Let Go​

That summer became the fulcrum of a seesaw: as my children need me less, my mother needed me more. My mother's arthritis taught me to love and let go.

The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

Read/Watch/Listen To This: Chill-Ass Sloth Edition

Here we are, your fearless Internet explorers (pun totally intended), back with another melange of web flotsam for you to scavenge.

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The Theory Of Everything And The Crushing Weight Of Caretaking

Stephen Hawking's first wife Jane may have seemed like a heartless ice queen. But let me tell you: Everything she went through was entirely plausible.