Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams


Deborah Williams is veteran New Yorker who now lives in Abu Dhabi (which is not Dubai). Her greatest feminist challenge at the moment is raising two teenage sons; she's also a literature professor, a columnist for the UAE newspaper The National, and a recovering PTA president. Her novel The Time Locket (written as Deborah Quinn) about a 21st century girl in the 17th century colony of Roanoke, came out a few years ago, and she is currently at work on a book about Abu Dhabi and New York. 

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My mom helped me find the balancing point between caretaking and controlling because she insisted on her autonomy. “I don’t need your help in the shower,” she’d say, “and I can dress myself.”

The Summer My Mother's Progressive Arthritis Taught Me To Love And Let Go​

That summer became the fulcrum of a seesaw: as my children need me less, my mother needed me more. My mother's arthritis taught me to love and let go.