The unconditional love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care!

Holiday Self-Care With Pets 

The love of a pet is like no other and makes for perfect holiday self-care! The company of animals can often be superior to the company of humans.


One Bedroom, One Bathroom, & One Big Dalmatian

He’s happy as only a dog can be, but what was I thinking, bringing a big Dalmatian into a 650-square-foot space? I was not thinking of space.

I try to imagine weathering the storm of my father’s death without these animals by my side, and the thought alone nearly capsizes me.

Animal Companionship Is As Essential For My Mental Health As Human Connection

In what’s been the most difficult year of my life, animal companionship has been as essential to my mental wellbeing as the time spent with my family.

image credit: Hemingway House Museum

All 54 Of The 6-Toed Cats That Live In Ernest Hemingway's House Have Survived Hurricane Irma

Well, not his cats exactly. He's dead. Dead people don't have cats.

It’s time for you to get a new kitty to add to your household: check with your local shelter or rescue organization!

It's Adopt-A-Cat Month. Check Out These Cat GIFs & Get Thyself A Cat Already

There are lots of good reasons to bring a pet into your home, especially a cat. There are also lots of awesome cat GIFs. I am going to combine those two things into Ravishly’s "Definitive List Of Reasons To Adopt A Cat (With GIFs)."

I MEAN, COME ON. This is not a cat, this is a masterpiece.

#FurballFriday: This Bengal Cat Is Prettier Than Me And I'm OK With That

This is Jungletrax Abiding Ovation and she is an award winning Bengal cat who’s all kinds of cat-famous.


Martha Goes Wilde

On her dream mentor:


Americans Spent $60 Billion On Their Pets In 2015. (Worth It.)

I got a puppy last fall, and I’ve spent about a zillion dollars on different things for her to chew. She really likes bully sticks, which are dehydrated bull penises. It cracks me up every time I give one to her and say, “Here. Go eat a dick.”