Those who advocate for free speech the most vocally tend to be silent when marginalized people are censored.

When "Free Speech" Silences Marginalized Voices

When marginalized people respond to hateful speech with more speech, they often risk their physical safety — not just their comfort. Free speech is complex.

Tom and Jerry character Toodles Galore (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Tom & Jerry Wasn't Just Racist, It Was Sexist Too

Cartoon programs aimed at kids have a long history of sexism and racism. And in many ways, those charming isms are alive and well today.

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The Internet War Rages On: "The Internet Slowdown" And "The Right To Be Forgotten" 

A not-so-sexy trifecta of net neutraility, "open Internet" and the "right to be forgotten" are the latest Internet bones of contention.