It seems like people are more interested in what’s going on in my uterus than what’s going on in my universe.

When He's Ready For Kids & Marriage And You're Not

It seems like people are more interested in what’s going on in my uterus than what’s going on in my universe. I'm not ready for kids and marriage.

If I stop taking my medications, what will my life become? (Image: Thinkstock)

I Have A Mental Illness; Should I Have Children?

I live with bipolar II disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, and complex PTSD. I take Effexor, Klonopin, Depakote, and Adderall. I knew I needed to talk to my psychiatrist about what changes I’d need to make before we could try to have a baby. The chances that none of these medications would affect a growing fetus was impossible in my mind. But I never expected what Dr. G told me.

Our kids define so much of our existence — shouldn't we at least take a break when we get a chance and talk about something other than them? Image: Thinkstock.

Can We Please Stop Talking About Our Kids?

I don't want motherhood to be where my life begins and ends. Sure, we can still talk about our kids, commiserate, and share in one another's parenting accomplishments — but at some point, we need to be more than mere storytellers of our children's lives.

Seriously, stop saying these sorts of things to people who can get pregnant, even if you are one yourself. Image: Thinkstock.

10 Actual Things I've Heard Because I'm Almost 30 And Don't Have Kids

There are so many reasons someone might not have kids. Whether they decided to never have kids, are having difficulties getting pregnant, or just don’t want kids right now, it’s really not up to you.

Children, like all people, appreciate being noticed. Image: Pexels.

Why I Don't Tell My Children I Love Them Equally

They are different humans — and I love them for who they each are, as individuals.


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