Did Looking At #SolarEclipse2017 Damage Your Retinas? A Quick Test 

The only thing more Googled than "how to treat a burn" (on the 4th of July), is "how to tell if I damaged my eyes" (today).

Total Eclipse of The...Sun?

#SolarEclipse2017: A Round-Up Of The Best Images, Videos, And Tweets Of The Day

I mean, if you're in the Path of Totality, it goes dark. If you live where I do, it just looked a bit like a storm was brewing.

Just glancing up at the eclipse in short bursts without proper eye protection can cause cumulative damage.

The Eclipse Is Coming & Guess What? It Really IS Dangerous For Your Eyes

Looking at the sun with unprotected eyes leaves the eyes vulnerable to damage. You can cause damage in as little as 90 seconds. 90 NON-CONSECUTIVE seconds.