When Macey and I planned our engagement photos, I knew I wanted my sparkly, bright lavender cane to be in them. (photo by Ginny Cummings Photography)

Why I Wanted My Cane In My Engagement Photos 

When Macey and I planned our engagement photos, I knew I wanted my sparkly, bright lavender cane to be in them.

"Why do we feel that strange mixture of conflicted emotions every time we see someone we sort of know get engaged?" Image: Thinkstock

So Your Friends Are Getting Engaged, And You're Having An Existential Crisis

Between all of the political arguments and videos of dogs being excited to see their owners, I’m noticing a trend appearing all over my timeline — seemingly increasing every week. A lot of fucking people are getting engaged.

Seeing as I didn’t have any firm idea of what I wanted the dress to look like, I figured it’d be easier. Ha! Image: Scott Webb/Unsplash.

Becoming Bride: The Dress

A week or so ago I started shopping for a wedding dress, and guess what? Shopping for a wedding dress sucks!

When he said he loved me, I knew it was true. Image: Melissa Petro.

Becoming Bride: The Engagement Party

When I first got sober, I started to accept that the “happy” occasions in life — holidays, birthdays and other special events — might not only feel happy. When I’m “supposed” to feel good, I feel nervous, anxious, and embarrassed. The center of attention, I feel vulnerable and on display.

I didn’t have a single clue what kind of ring I was expecting. Image: Melissa Petro.

Becoming Bride: Choosing The Ring

A couple months before our official engagement, Arran and I had an uncomfortable conversation about getting married. Specifically, my dear boyfriend of two years chose a quiet brunch on one unassuming Sunday to bring up the fact that he was reluctant to propose.


10 Grown-Up Things We Learned From Getting Engaged

Deciding to get married can be a grown-up thing. Notice I said, “can.” I don’t believe that getting married automatically puts you in the grown-up category; there is a journey of letting go of childish things and attitudes that has to occur.

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Can You Really Fall In Love And Commit To Marriage Within 90 Days?

TLC's "90 Day Fiance" shows international couples grapple with the 90-day constraints of the "fiance" visa. But what's the real story?


George Clooney's Brainy New Fiance: A Victory for Women Everywhere?

America's favorite hunk has (reportedly) put a ring on it with Oxford-educated lawyer Amal Alamuddin. Why is sexism playing a role in media coverage of the big news?