Oh yes, it's a baby rhino. You gotta feel some feels for this adorable little guy.

#FurballFriday: Rare Baby Rhino Birth - Get Excited

Is there anything better than baby animals? No, there is not. Baby animals are the best.

Patience for shenanigans wears thin - beware, monkey! (Image Credit: YouTube/Animal VS)

#FurballFriday: Monkey Gets Schooled

In this week’s #FurballFriday, we get a lesson in affirmative consent from a chihuahua, who could teach us all about setting boundaries.


#FurballFriday: What The World Needs Is More Baby Giraffes

So far, April is mainly just walking around and not giving birth, which is probably annoying to poor April. There’s nothing quite like the end of pregnancy, when you just want to be done with it and get to the part where you have a baby. Maybe it’s different for giraffes, but that’s sure how I felt when I was pregnant.

Celebrate the cuteness of koala + dog. (Image Credit: YouTube/Quashi)

#RavsRader: Celebrate #FurballFriday With Koala & Dog Cuteness

Today’s #FurballFriday is brought to you courtesy of my children.

I MEAN, COME ON. This is not a cat, this is a masterpiece.

#FurballFriday: This Bengal Cat Is Prettier Than Me And I'm OK With That

This is Jungletrax Abiding Ovation and she is an award winning Bengal cat who’s all kinds of cat-famous.