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As A Female Journalist, Why Should It Matter What I Look Like? 

I've been called "seriously ugly" in the comments section of an opinion piece I wrote. But it's not me who's ugly; it's our culture.

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Welcome To The Future: Lab Grows Human Penises

Yes, this is happening.


Occupy Protester Advocates For Women's Rights Behind Bars

Cecily McMillan is part of a community of female inmates pushing for basic human rights in the clinker.


Could Skyrocketing Rent be a Good Thing for Artists?

If suffering makes for better art, the residents of Industry City (not to mention the already-gentrified neighborhoods of SoHo or Bushwick) in New York City should soon be churning out masterpieces by the dozen. The rapid increase in pricing for rental studios in the neighborhood has driven out dozens of artistic types — with many lacking any other housing options. Is the Big Apple artist displacement an American trend?