Hobby Lobby

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I Still Shop At Hobby Lobby — Even Though It's Run By Bigots

While the Supreme Court deliberated Hobby Lobby’s 2013 case against Obamacare, I took to social media to stoically announce: “I’m never shopping at Hob Lob again.” But I did. Over time, Hobby Lobby lured me back into its Jesus-loving automatic sliding doors. It wasn’t the weekly 40% off coupon that got me — it was the goddamn specific products that I repeatedly purchase as an artist. (I’m thinking about you, florescent paint.)

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Controversial Religion Uses Hobby Lobby Ruling To Protect Itself Against Child Labor Charges

If a contentious religious sect can dodge a subpoena because of the Hobby Lobby ruling . . . what's next?


Quote of the Day: Judge Kopf Tells SCOTUS to "STFU"

A George Bush-appointed judge has turned to the Urban Dictionary to bash SCOTUS' controversial Hobby Lobby ruling.


Hobby Lobby Ruling Has Nothing to do with Religious Liberty and Everything to do with Women's Rights

The Supreme Court doesn't want to protect religious freedom; it wants to protect corporations at the expense of female rights.


Hobby Lobby Fact Check: Does 7-11 Really Sell the Morning-After Pill?

In his defense of Hobby Lobby's push to deny women birth control, Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan recently stated that women can easily find the morning-after pill at their local 7-11. We made some phone calls to call his outrageous bluff.


Mother Jones Reveals Hobby Lobby's Anti-Abortion Hypocrisy

New evidence shows that Hobby Lobby's 401(k) retirement plan has holdings over $73 million in mutual funds with investments in companies that make these very products. Oh, and companies that produce drugs that are used in actual abortions. Naturally, Hobby Lobby made matching contributions too.