It And Other Horror Films Inspired By Paintings

Directors and other movie magicians alike have used their platforms to bring paintings to life. Here are horror films inspired by paintings.

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The Latest Internet Sensation? A Nightmare-Inducing Owl-Cat Named Atchoum

From ancient Egyptians worshipping felines to our modern obsession with Internet cat videos, humans have a long and storied history of admiring cat

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Love Conquers All for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Badass couple Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes survived last year's bombing and a painful amputation to cross the finish line together one year later.


Will Jim Jarmusch’s New Flick Make Vampires Cool Again?

In a tween-dominated world, vampires have been stripped of their street cred; can Jim Jarmusch’s "Only Lovers Left Alive" save the genre from a pop-saccharine demise?