Uh Oh! Are We Sex-Obsessed to the Point of Social Ignorance?

Yes, we admit it. The video is a bit predictable. A film crew casts a bunch of gorgeous models and asks them to read cue cards in a sexy voice. At first they read words like "lust," but then they stumble onto terrible atrocities; specifically, they're asked to read this line:

"Almost 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die each day, mostly from preventable causes." Clearly, the models have difficulty sounding sexy when speaking. Excluding one powerhouse chick, they all stumble awkwardly through the lines. The end quote?

We can't make this issue sexy, but it deserves your attention.

Turns out, this is a piece done by Save the Children USA—an organization focused on bettering the lives of impoverished kids.

Ouch. What does that say about us as a culture? Recently, we brought up writer Aldous Huxley's speculation that the road to humanity's hell would be paved by the pursuit of pleasure. Sure, we can't go through life obsessing over each and every global atrocity (although there's more than enough fodder to weep until the end of time!) because we'd surely lose our minds—life, we hear, is all about balance. Bite your lip and flip your hair at the hottie cashier at the grocery store, but then dutily agree to donate that extra dollar to the American Cancer Society when prompted. Punish your beaver with a hot new toy, and then volunteer at an animal shelter — get our drift?


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