Not sure if this underwear, overwear, or meant only for fashion shoots...

#RavsRadar: Can Someone Explain The Exact Point/Purpose/Raison D'Etre Of The 'Bralette?'

We interrupt Rav’s Radar’s usual discussion of Important Items of News to discuss bras. Specifically, bralettes. Specifically, these:

Work at home wearing what you want. Always.

#RavsRecs: Joni Wears Lingerie While She Works (Shhh)

Welcome To #RavsRecs, a look inside the lives (and minds) of your Ravishly staffers. Every week we’ll be coming to you with a list of things that are probably useless but definitely awesome. First up, your editor-in-chief shares teeny hamburgers and underwear.


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When is a bra not a bra anymore?

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as a perfect bra. More annoying is the equally-universally acknowledged truth that good bras are never cheap, and cheap bras are seldom any good.


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You can't fake that kind of shock.

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