#RavsRadar: Can Someone Explain The Exact Point/Purpose/Raison D'Etre Of The 'Bralette?'

Not sure if this underwear, overwear, or meant only for fashion shoots...

Not sure if this underwear, overwear, or meant only for fashion shoots...

We interrupt Rav’s Radar’s usual discussion of Important Items of News to discuss bras. Specifically, bralettes. Specifically, these:

I do not understand these bralettes and I feel old and stupid and fashion-un-savvy because of it!

I’ve seen bralettes in all the stores, of course. The darling, lacy little scraps of lingerie confection are everywhere. They are cute, cute, cute, cute, cute! They look lightweight and comfortable and like the perfect bra option for the summer months.

I mean, for people with the kind of breasts that can withstand minimal support.

I don’t have those breasts. I’m 43 and breastfed two kids, so my boobs just kind of melt into my ribcage if I don’t prop them up on a nice shelf of padding and underwire.

Luckily, Victoria’s Secret has underwire and padding galore, so bra shopping there is usually a real treat. But when I went to peruse their app yesterday, they kept showing me these bralettes that looked like their main function was to be worn while posing for a Victoria’s Secret fashion shoot. You can’t wear them under normal clothes. Are you even supposed to wear them under clothes? Are they clothes on their own?

Look at the off-the-shoulder one. It’s paired with a skirt. Is it a bra that doubles as a top? Where would you wear it? Coachella? I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!

I’ve been stewing about these bras for 24 hours now and I’m no closer to an answer than I was when they first appeared on my phone. Somebody explain this to me, because clearly bra fashion has moved beyond my ability to comprehend and I suspect this is something that I am just too old to understand.

Thank you for going on this bra odyssey with me. Tomorrow, I promise I’ll share something of substance. 

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