Is This Weird Bra Thing Even A Bra?

When is a bra not a bra anymore?

Cosmo alerted me to this interesting new bra style today, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It’s like a bra, only upside down. Like, it looks like a lacy t-shirt with cute cap sleeves and everything, and it has a triangle patch in different lace that covers the top of your boobs, then a lace band where a normal bra band goes — but nothing on the bottom half of your breasts.

Here. See for yourself:

So, like what’s going on here? It’s sexy, for sure. And the back is a cool scoop that looks really pretty. But… is this a bra? Does it do bra stuff, like support breasts? What would happen if you started to run to catch a bus or chase down a fleeing dog? Would your knockers stay put or, like, knock around? Could you wear it under clothes? If you do, what kind of top begs for bra-covered shoulders and naked underboob? Or is this just a sexy little something to wear with a matching thong and a short, silky robe for a steamy weekend morning? That’s definitely cool. Steamy weekend mornings are da bomb.

But I’m still not sure this is really a bra. It’s more of a… boob display case. Regardless, it’s available at Nordstrom for $36 and it also comes in black. 

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