#RavsRecs: Joni Wears Lingerie While She Works (Shhh)

Work at home wearing what you want. Always.

Work at home wearing what you want. Always.

Welcome To #RavsRecs, a look inside the lives (and minds) of your Ravishly staffers. Every week we’ll be coming to you with a list of things that are probably useless but definitely awesome. First up, your editor-in-chief shares teeny hamburgers and underwear.

What I’m watching:

Currently, we are bingeing The Man In The High Castle, one episode per night. We’re on Season 2, Ep. 4 now. Imagine if we’d lost WWII and the US is under Nazi/Japanese rule.

Yep, it’s exactly as horrifying as it sounds.

Choice YouTube-age:

This dude peeling some damn apples.

I have one of these peelers. You can buy it here. It peels! It cores! It cooks dinner (no it doesn’t). I can attest, it is as satisfying to do as it is to watch.

Current cosmetic obsession:

Mario Badescu forever. I recently switched up my skin care routine, because OLD. And Mario is what is up. But this? This is really what is up. What does it do? I don’t know. It’s smells good and it feels good and that’s all you need to know. The end.

Foodie thing:

Okay, so my husband bought these for the kids’ stockings, mostly as a joke. Because HELLO, what is even in there. Also from the outside, it’s not even clear if it’s food.  

YOU GUYS, IT IS FOOD AND THE FOOD IS GOOD. It’s like a tiny cookie/cracker thing. What’s on top? I don’t know. I don’t care. What’s inside? Something not unlike NUTELLA. You can get them at World Market. Or, if you’re an Amazon addict (ahem), you can do that.

What am I wearing on my body:

This lingerie. What can I say about this lingerie? I can say that I just cleaned out ALL my lingerie and all I kept was the stuff I bought from Sandmaiden. Amanda makes this stuff herself (with help from her daughter), and it is literally the best thing I’ve ever worn. I’m wearing it right now as I type this and I’m not even wearing pants.

I also have this set, which ALMOST passes for outside wear (except I definitely need to wear a bra).

Those are my recs for the week. Eat tiny hamburgers and wear lingerie. The end.

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