Maddie Ziegler Is Not In Sia's New Music Video (But Heidi Klum Is!)

When we hear the words "New Sia Video," we usually think "Oh! More Maddie Ziegler!" And not because she was on Dance Moms. The pint-sized prima donna's raw talent stole the show in three Sia music videos ("Chandelier," "Elastic Heart," and "Big Girls Cry") . . . but not without some controversy.

Ziegler—who is 12—raised concern when she donned a skin-tone leotard in "Chandelier," and sparked outrage when she danced alongside Shia LeBeouf in "Elastic Heart." Many cried "pedophilia," which Sia dismissed by explaining that Ziegler and LeBeouf were meant to represent different sides of one's warring self.

(It's worth noting that contemporary choreography often sets dancers in skin-tone costumes; then again, it's also worth noting that mainstream audiences aren't familiar with much contemporary dance.)

In any case, Sia's new music video for her song "Fire Meet Gasoline" is conspicuously absent of Ziegler. Instead, we get Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal rolling about in bed and committing arson. In other words, a typical Saturday for most of us. The video is sexy and intriguingly heartbreaking (speaking of hearts, is that Klum's heart in a napkin?), but it seems to be out of left-field for Sia. 

We're left wondering if Sia has opted to exclude Ziegler from future videos due to public outcry. Was this a smart call? Or an example of reflexive public outrage leading to artistic censorship? Debate.

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