Confession: I Defied The Cuban Embargo

Despite our fear of getting caught, the richness of experience, the beauty of the land, and the generosity of the Cuban people made the risk more than worthwhile.

Courtesy of Facebook

CeeLo Green: The Dangers Of Rape Justification

I see you writing nasty tweets, and, I'm like, fuck you. Ooh ooh ooh!


Listful Thinking: 7 (Fabricated) Reasons Behind NC + LA's Oral Sex Ban

It has come to our attention that the fair states of Louisiana and North Carolina prohibit oral sex. Why, oh why, would someone do such a thing?


FBI Artifact Raid in Indiana Proves Midwesterners Can be Sophisticated Too

Cultural pieces expert “overwhelmed” by 91-year-old Indianian's artifact collection. But it looks like the elderly man wasn’t looking for money—he just likes artifacts, gosh darnit.


China Publicly Denounces Illegal Ivory Trade, Inspires Royal Family to Rally for Elephants on YouTube (Seriously!)

C'mon. Who doesn’t love elephants? They’re massive! Yet graceful. Wrinkle and gray as all get out! But cute as hell.