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Michelle (with cigarette), the author, the makeup artist, Barbara Nitke (with camera), and actor Damien Cashmere, as shot in a makeup mirror, behind the scenes at Every Body (Photo courtesy of Barbara Nitke)

Confession: I Was A Sex Video "Extra"

In my checkered past, long before I was a member of the PTA, I sometimes worked behind the scenes in X-rated films


I Didn't Understand Consent Until My Boyfriend Repeatedly Raped Me

The sad thing is, it took someone almost destroying me to make me open my eyes to the extent of what happens when we talk not about a culture of consent, but about temptation and defense instead.

"We were there. Always."

What I Learned As A Planned Parenthood Escort

Over those five years, I volunteered on hot summer days and rainy mornings. I stood in snow, wearing warm layers and fleece mittens. I volunteered beside women and men, many of them young, like me, but some older and wiser and living out a lifetime of experience on those sidewalks.

I only took a few drags, not sure how I would handle it, and not wanting to get too altered, after all these years. Image: Thinkstock.

Domestic Dope: One Housewife, Half A Gram, And A Clean-A** House

I’ll be the first to admit that a large part of my twenties was spent in a euphoric haze brought on by fairly regular pot smoking. I loved the stuff — and it certainly loved me. I don't feel I ever had a “problem” with it, but I did feel a strong pull to have it in my life.

As an adult woman, I have granted myself full permission.

Pleasuring Myself Isn't Shameful — It's Self-Care

Unlike before, pleasuring myself isn’t a daily or weekly thing. But I'm also not ashamed anymore. As an adult woman, I have granted myself full permission.

I never imagined myself being anyone’s wife so I grieved for my single life when I got married.

Why I Grieved For My Single Life When I Got Married

I never imagined myself being anyone’s wife so I grieved for my single life when I got married. I began to secretly long for the life I’d left behind.


I Can Smoke Pot Legally & Safely, But I Won't Forget The People Who Still Can't

I often think about the people in my hometown whose lives were ruined because they live in the “wrong” state. That same stigma causes me to feel horrible after I smoke.

We can either stamp our feet and ban some of their activities, or hold their hands through the process so they can learn as they go and (hopefully) lose interest.

I Told My 10-Year-Old Son That If He Watched Porn, There Would Be Some Rules.

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to say to him about porn. The way I parent is to give my children all the information and then let them make decisions for themselves. I feel that if I restrict activities I make them more alluring. That’s why I don’t join my mom friends in banning technology throughout the school week and that’s why I don’t ever ban junk food. Instead I sit the kids down, explain my concerns, and then monitor their use or consumption, making suggestions along the way.

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My Chronic Illness Left Me Broke And Homeless, So Meditation Is My Medication

It’s real sticky-wicked to have your body become unpredictable and tortuously painful. So here I am. Homeless. Meditation is my medication.

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Confession: I'm A Straight Woman Who Gets Off On Lesbian Porn

Sexuality is fluid. And mine has led me from girl-on-girl action to a man inside me.