James Comey

When Comey answers questions on the Senate floor, the revelations could be as oh-no-he-didn't scandalous as anything the regular soap lineup has on offer.

The Old & The Feckless: Why James Comey’s Senate Testimony Will Play Like A Daytime Soap

Trump can't barge onto the Senate floor and order everyone out. He can't shove aside or slap James Comey around. This is a venue in which Trump has no power except to watch and tweet, which could defs yield a feast of daytime drama, but is useless against stopping the tale of his (possible) interference in the FBI investigation from going on the permanent public record.

Image Credit: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

Not A Great Day for Clinton: Wikileaks And Emails Strike Again

I am hesitant to write anything that might tangentially help Donald Trump, because I think the man entirely unfit to be president.