Not A Great Day for Clinton: Wikileaks And Emails Strike Again

Image Credit: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

Image Credit: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

I am hesitant to write anything that might tangentially help Donald Trump, because I think the man entirely unfit to be president. This is not a secret.

But a girl can't ignore headlines forever. When reality bites, you can't just take a painkiller and make like an ostrich. So here's the truth: today is not a good one for the Clinton campaign, on two enormous fronts.

First, Wikileaks has been dumping hacked emails from Clinton Campaign Manager, John Podesta. There's a lot in them that is nasty, but par for the course in politics. It's not a ring one enters expecting cordiality and forthrightness. Alright, whatever.

But one of the leaked emails indicates the Clinton campaign approached the issue of police violence as political fodder to be "used." Specifically, regarding the death of Eric Garner, campaign staff discussed having "Erica Garner issues," in reference to his daughter. She's been an outspoken voice against police violence since her father died during a police arrest.

The "issue" may have been the fact that Garner sees police violence as something much bigger than a "black and white" problem.

Or perhaps it was that Garner cut an ad for the Bernie Sanders campaign:

This late in the election calendar, Clinton cannot afford to lose any momentum or support. It's reasonable to assume some black supporters will be dismayed at the "using" of police violence for sheer political purposes. Erica Garner certainly thinks so:

What else is definitely going to stay in headlines? The decision by the F.B.I. to reopen their investigation into Clinton's private email server. You know, the one we've been hearing about for a year, that pesky issue supposedly put to bed by F.B.I. Director James Comey's official report, back in July. 


This opening line of the BBC's report Friday looks pretty damn grim: "Investigators have discovered new emails "in connection with an unrelated case... that appear to be pertinent to the investigation," Comey said.

Hey, guess what everybody? It's time to gird your loins. We're coming in for a Nov. 8 landing, and it's not entirely clear how that ride is gonna go...

This. Freakin. Election. 

Image: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

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