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Jess Lahitou


Jess is a literature lover, former teacher, new(ish) mother, and politics junkie. Currently in Miami, this Colorado native is embracing the culture shock. Art Basel? Wynwood? Ropa Vieja? Yes, please.

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" out of that mouth comes the same caveman rhetoric that Berlusconi peddled years ago."

History Repeats: Donald Trump And Berlusconi's War On Feminism

Trump’s stratospheric rise in public polls has got me thinking about the possibility of him actually being elected and what that would mean for American women. And I can’t help but be reminded of the similarities between Trump and the former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi.

Thanksgivng: a good day. (Image Credit: Unsplash)

Take A Politics Time-Out, And Other Thanksgiving Pro Tips

That headline is a bit of false advertising, as I am in not quite qualified to proclaim myself a “Thanksgiving Pro.”

Up your followers past a certain number, and endorsement deals might suddenly seem a whole lot more lucrative than that old proletariat pastime of "love." (Image Credit: Instagram/@tristasutter)

I Miss When The Bachelor Franchise At Least Pretended To Take Itself Seriously

The blatant promise of a career in the spotlight has stripped the Bachelor/Bachelorette of its beautiful, benign lie: that we could watch “regular” people navigate the perils and pitfalls of modern dating, that such a quest was in and of itself enough, and that a happy ending was a real possibility.

Change demands more than just protests.

How To Start A Revolution: Think Small

If I’m just online screaming, what am I not doing in physical reality?

Who would you nominate?

Embarrassing! Guess Which Women Republicans Want To Put On The 10-Dollar Bill?

During last Wednesday night’s CNN Republican Presidential Debate, moderator Jake Tapper gave the ultimate softball question: What woman would you put on the ten-dollar bill? Instead, answers ranged from decent to head-scratching to laughable to flat-out embarrassing.

Image Credit: Brett Weinstein / Flickr

Not A Great Day for Clinton: Wikileaks And Emails Strike Again

I am hesitant to write anything that might tangentially help Donald Trump, because I think the man entirely unfit to be president.

Another dark day in America.

White Nationalist Steve Bannon Joins Trump White House

You may find yourself wondering today, “Who is Steve Bannon?” Which as a fellow American, and just a human generally-speaking, I really wish were n


Quick Recap: The Republican Debate Without Trump

Last night, Fox News hosted the final Republican debate before Iowa caucus goers cast their votes on Monday. Donald Trump, refusing to participate if Megyn Kelly was debate moderator, skipped the event. He instead held his own rally across town, scheduling his speech to coincide with the start of the Fox debate.


More Than Just The Presidency: A Look At The Rest Of The 2016 Ballot 

We talk about having debate-watching parties, popping popcorn, making bets… it’s all a little weird, and probably not good for democracy.

Photo Credit: Flickr.

Recap: Hillary And Trump Win Big In New York Primaries

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won big in yesterday’s New York Primary contests.