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Jess Lahitou


Jess is a literature lover, former teacher, new(ish) mother, and politics junkie. Currently in Miami, this Colorado native is embracing the culture shock. Art Basel? Wynwood? Ropa Vieja? Yes, please.

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Trump also said it would take him roughly 90 minutes to learn “everything” there was to know about nuclear missiles.

Some Dudes Think They Can Learn 'Everything' In 90 Minutes

As Tom Nichols puts it, ignorance has now become a "virtue." And it takes a whole lot of it to claim you can learn 'everything' about a complex subject - like, say, nuclear weapons - in roughly 90 minutes.

Milo Yiannopoulos reaches the limit for his "free speech" argument. (Image Credit: Instagram/milo.yiannopoulos)

Sexual Abuse Of Children - Yes, It's Worse Than Racist Or Sexist Online Trolling

Every legal system in the world recognizes gradations of bad behavior.

No trigger warnings in here.

Are We Too Triggered?: The Challenge Of Creating “Safe Spaces” On College Campuses

Students at the University of Missouri and Yale have recently grabbed media attention for their protests against administrators and professors who fail to create a safe space for them on campus. In the latter, an email questioning the prudence of restricting Halloween costumes stirred uproar, causing this video of a student publicly berating her professor to go viral.

She's looking pretty good right about now.

Pre-Debate News Wrap-Up: This Week’s Big Stories

It is a rare day when a Congressional committee garners tabloid-like coverage, but Thursday was one of those days.

A recent poll found a whopping 58% of voters disapprove of their presidential choices.

3 Independent Party Candidates That Could Win The White House And Why

All this means that, for the first time since 1992, a third-party candidate has a very strong chance of impacting election results. And if something truly wild were to happen (say, no candidate broke the 270-electoral vote mark needed to win the presidency), then there’s an outside chance that a third-party could actually win the White House.

That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life.

Christmas Eve Alone In Las Vegas       

That Christmas Eve in Vegas changed me for life. I’ve tried to remember not to deny myself the things I love about the holiday.

An exclusive interview with the top half of this photo.

An Exclusive Interview With Donald Trump's Hair

As part of our election coverage, we endeavor to give all relevant parties a voice. As such, we felt one key player had been overlooked in the ubiquitous media Trump coverage: Donald Trump’s Hair.

(Image Credit: By Marc Nozell via Wikimedia Commons)

Trump Wins. What Am I Supposed To Say?

What do you say? What do you say when the unthinkable happens?

Claire Hopple and husband, American Gothic version.

#RavsWriters: Claire Hopple —Writer, Dancer, Obscure Mural Lover

Welcome to #RavsWriters, an opportunity for you to get to know some of the outstanding human beings who fervently type to make Ravishly the aw