Jon Stewart

She doesn’t pull punches, she respects her audience's intelligence, and she’s funny as hell. Image: TBS.

Why Samantha Bee's Full Frontal  Is The New Daily Show

If I'm watching TV and I hear something that makes me think, "Oh man, I can't believe someone said that on TV — That is hilarious and on point!" you can bet your back hole I'm watching Full Frontal.


A Handy Cheat Sheet On New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah

I have a guilty confession to make: I don't really know anything about Trevor Noah, the comedian tapped to replace Jon Stewart in the coveted D


Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

#BlackWomensLivesMatter takes center stage and Amber Rose's vagina (sadly) dominates NY Fashion Week.


All The Reasons Jessica Williams Should Take Over The Daily Show

Jon Stewart, step aside. Your heir apparent has arrived.

Credit: Twitter

Malala Wins Nobel Peace Prize At Ripe Age Of 17

And in other news to celebrate: She's sharing the prize with fellow children's rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi.


Watch: Jon Stewart Lampoons Searing Senate Debate About...Yogurt

New York state is confronting a dicey political issue: the rightful candidate for official state snack. Daily Show riffs ensue.


Stephen Colbert to Take Over Late Show...and We're a Little Worried

CBS just announced that everyone's favorite faux Republican will be stepping into David Letterman's shoes. Are we really ready for the "real" Colbert?


Listful Thinking: 4 Amazing Moments from the Women in the World Summit

We salute Jon Stewart, Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Jordan, a Ukrainian pop star and a fierce woman named Bessie Mogale for helping to bring important female issues into the global spotlight. Aw, yeah.