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If you're struggling today, I see you. If you're confused and angry and afraid, I understand.

Waking Up To The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas: I Just Want To Hug You

As I often do, I grabbed my phone to scroll through Facebook. There it was. The news. A mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“The police shooting of ‪Charles Kinsey last week [as of writing] exposed the myth of policing as a viable response to crisis scenarios in the United States.” Image: by Daniel Arauz/Flickr.

Not Everyone Thinks Funneling More Resources Into Police 'Training' Is Solution to Racist Violence

Some human rights campaigners argue that now is an important time to scrutinize federal funding of highly-militarized police trainings in the Miami area that may contribute to surrounding police agencies’ aggressive tactics.


Murder-Suicide At UCLA — And I'm Relieved

Two men are dead after a shooting on the UCLA camp


In The Wake Of San Bernardino, Let's Stop Pretending Anything Will Change

When I first heard about the mass shooting in San Bernadino, I wanted to write something meaningful and thought-provoking.


UCC Shooting Is Just Another Day in America

There was another school shooting yesterday and 10 people are dead.