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Interior Designs: How Home Shapes Us

I wasn’t expecting to have a visceral response to observing someone I hardly knew do home renovations.

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Life, Untidied: Why I Regret Decluttering​

I’m not arguing for hoarding. I dislike clutter. But paring possessions down to the bone can cut too deep for tender times. I regret decluttering.

Every time I tell a story about her, I’m keeping our memories alive, one leaf at a time.

Surviving Autumn Without My Mom

We think of holidays and big moments first when we think about death. What we don’t talk about are the little moments in between, like surviving Autumn.


Why Am I Keeping All Of This Sh*t? A Case For Decluttering

A couple of years ago I asked my therapist if she thought my inability to separate things and the memories associated with those things was some kind of coping mechanism. The same way the smell of a Jose Cuervo tequila makes me panic, does a shawl make me calm.


How To Make Love To Your Food

Avoiding intimacy with food can lead to numerous food-related issues such as mindless eating, overeating, eating without enjoyment, and distracted eating. So how do we create intimacy with our food again? How do we, in a sense, make love with it by being fully and completely present?