Kate Washington

Kate Washington


Kate Washington is a writer and essayist and the dining critic for The Sacramento Bee. Her work has appeared in Avidly, The Washington Post, The Billfold, The Toast, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Dame Magazine, and many other venues. She is at work on her first book, a memoir and feminist cultural critique of caregiving. 

Kate Washington Articles

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The Quiet Violence At The Heart Of Motherhood 

From the beginning, mothering and being mothered are both brutal. One day you’ll hurt your mom, I thought. And she’ll hurt you, somehow, without knowing it.

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I Wasn’t Sure I Could Pull Off A Fundraiser — But I Did, And You Can Too​

I wasn’t sure I could throw a successful fundraiser, but I did — and wore a caftan while doing it. It feels amazing, especially in these difficult times.

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Life, Untidied: Why I Regret Decluttering​

I’m not arguing for hoarding. I dislike clutter. But paring possessions down to the bone can cut too deep for tender times. I regret decluttering.