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My staring was a compliment; she saw it as a criticism.

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall: Who Is The Most Insecure Of Us All?

Mirror Mirror on all these walls, who is the most insecure of us all? My staring was a compliment; she saw it as a criticism. Read...
Diane Goodman of Role Reboot    |   08.29.18   |   SHARE
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Makeup As Self-Care When You're Over 40

Being over 40 is one of the most physically interesting times in a person’s life. Here are beauty lessons I've learned about being 40 and fabulous. Read...
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With age, I have become comfortable with who I am and the value I bring to a relationship. I no longer care what others think. Image: Thinkstock.

Middle Age Is Chin Hairs, Neck Rolls, And Lots Of Wine

Certainly, physical changes are imminent. A rational brain knows this. It all started with chin hairs. I awoke one day and my single, adorable chin Read...
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Notice how young she is...

Things I Can't Do Now That I'm Nearly 40

I’m not there yet. But I need to be honest—I’m closer to 40 than any other multiple of five. Read...
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