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The Hardest Thing About Being a New Mom Is Staying Off My Phone

[I]t’s been said that distracted parenting can be detrimental to both children and their moms, to blame for everything from stunted child development to language delays, even more irritated parents.  Read...
I had retrieved at least one constant in my mother’s life: her love of puzzles and word games.

Finding My Unsolvable Mother In Her Left-Behind Crossword Puzzles​

Looking at her left-behind crossword puzzles, I had retrieved at least one constant in my mother’s life: her love of puzzles and word games.

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I'll Keep You Safe, Mom

I stood in the hallway and tentatively pushed the bathroom door open, holding my breath as I peered into the darkness, waiting for it to bump into

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Parenting With Your Child's Love Language In Mind​

It’s important parents learn how to speak their child’s love language fluently. It makes a strong foundation for a growing and blossoming relationship.

You will think you are ruining your kids.

You Are Going To Fail At Parenting

You will fail at parenting. You will fail so hard sometimes that it will feel like you can’t recover from it. And it’s going to be okay.

Dear Oldest Son: I’m sorry...

Dear Oldest Son: I’m Sorry My Attention Is Divided Right Now

Dear Oldest Son, Life these days is all about dividing and conquering. I feel more and more like I’m dividing and conquering so many things.

I wish I had a mother. I don’t miss her; I do miss the idea of her.

I Wish I Had A Mother

Biologically speaking, I do have a "mother." There is a woman somewhere who gave birth to me. But that's not a mom and I really wish I had a mother!

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Me, My Parents, Fox News, And A Screaming Match — Being An Adult Is Complicated

Becoming an adult didn’t magically open me up to their world and their psyche as I thought it would. Even having children of my own did little to unravel the mystery of my parents, because I wasn’t really interested in exploring honestly. I have always been concerned with who my parents were in relation to me, not who they were on their own.