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Ask Erin: My Daughter Hates Me

My daughter hates me. I have a 17-year-old daughter. She says our relationship has been bad for the last two years. Read...
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Lipstick Rebellion

My mother was a funny mixture of conservative and iconoclastic, and it showed up in her rules. And this was a BIG one:  Never ever wear pink lipstick.  Read...
No relationship is perfect, not even with super mom. (Image: Thinkstock)

7 Unexpected Benefits To My Mom Moving Abroad

My mom and I are extremely close. Some would say we’re a little too close, but since she fills two roles in my life — mother and best friend — I think it’s fair that she get a double slice of my love and attention. I was completely devastated when she announced that she was moving to Dubai. But now, my mother has lived abroad for more than two years, and I can see that her move was a good thing.