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Negative Post-Divorce Feelings: One Day They’re Going To Get The Best Of Me

I have guilt, I have entitlement, and I have anger. One day, one of those three things is going to get the better of me. Read...
As the recovery begins, I am asking myself: How do you deal with being told, “I don’t like you”?

How To Deal With Being Told “I Don’t Like You.”

Somehow, through the ebb and flow of primary school politics, I had made myself an enemy. Out of nowhere, she had decided to take a grudge against me, and pursue it passionately.

It bothered me for a few good weeks, but after careful consideration, I decided that in fact it did not suit me to have an enemy. One day, when our teacher was out of the room, I came at her with a 2B pencil, and that was that.