If you’re really worried about how your pet will react to fireworks, give your vet or a trusted animal trainer a quick call and ask for some advice.

How To Keep Pets Safe & Calm Amidst Fireworks

If you are a dog or a cat and have sensitive hearing and a limited understanding of patriotism, fireworks seem like an assault. For all your dog knows, the world is actually ending in a blaze of colorful sparkles and loud explosions.


White Supremacy And Animal Rights

If violence against animals offends you so, why aren’t you out there speaking against the use of police dogs on protesters?

Nooooo! (Credit: ThinkStock)

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare: Vegetables Know When They're Being Eaten!

According to actually legitimate research, you shouldn't eat that salad . . . murderer.

Rendering by BIG Architects

Zoo of the Future Confines People, Not Animals

Danish architects are commencing an revolutionary overhaul of the Givskud Zoo where people and animals will roam freely together.