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Hugh Hefner: Abuser And Civil Rights Advocate (They Can Coexist)

Hugh Hefner - people either love him or hate him, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for middle ground. He was an abuser and civil rights advocate.

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Hugh Hefner And Bill Cosby: What Happens When Your Friend Is A Rapist?

It's not easy to reconcile caring about someone with allegations of abuse against them. But sometimes, it's necessary.

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The Surprising History And Future Of Boob Job Fever

A breast implant shortage in Venezuela got us wondering: What's up with boob job obsession, anyways?


Gary Oldman Spews Anti-Semitism, Racism, Misognyny in Stomach-Churning Playboy Interview

Gary Oldman, the great actor, is officially a seriously not-great human being. Can we ever enjoy his films the same way again?


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