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Be Mine, And Hers, And His: The Requisite Valentine's Themed Post On Polyamory

You could have a network, a community, of care and affection, one that isn’t funneled through a singular source.

Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: My Wife Wants A Polyamorous Relationship & I Don’t

I love my wife with all my heart, and I love our family. I just can’t seem to bring myself to be okay with this right now. I told her to give me time to think about it. Read...
Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez

Ask Erin: I Can't Handle The Sexual Dynamics Of My Relationship

Why can’t I be happy with someone who cares about me even if the sex isn’t what I’d like? Or is this the relationship dynamic?  Read...
Caring for someone with an eating disorder can be incredibly stressful, so it's also vital that you have your own support structuring in place.

Can You Brie There For Me?: Polyamory & My Eating Disorder

I didn't tell them there were four individuals in the rapidly sinking ship that was our polyamory relationship: myself, him, her, and my eating disorder.

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Ask Erin: Does My Boyfriend Want A Polyamorous Relationship? 

A polyamorous relationship requires the desire and consent of all parties involved. So let's talk about your bodyfriend wanting a polyamorous relationship.

What is unhealthy is trying to force your square-shaped relationship into a round hole.

Ask Erin: Am I Polyamorous?

Am I polyamorous? Am I just f*cked up from all the things in my past? Was I just so sexually repressed, that I just need to fulfill this need before I can "settle down" and have a normal relationship?

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Monogamy?

So why monogamy and not polyamory? Why not love as many people as you can?

Love is not an all-consuming addiction to a person.

How Being Poly Saved Me From The World

When I was young, I ate ravenously the fruits of the world — all poisoned and rotten as they were — and internalized the thirty-second soundbites o