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Abortion Barriers In A Pro-Choice State Almost Killed Me

If my pro-choice state did not uphold barriers to abortion, I would not have lost use of my reproductive organs.

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Unsafe Abortions Are Anything But History — Just Ask Google

I know a woman who worked in an inner-city hospital before the passage of Roe v Wade. Every week, staff there saw women come in battling massive infection or blood loss. They actually reserved beds for women like this because it was so common. The cause? Illegal, unsafe abortions. But that was then, right? That was 42 years ago, right? That doesn’t happen anymore, right? Wrong.


Fiorina's Right To Life Photo Op Is Anti-Choice In More Ways Than One

According to parents, the children were on a field trip to the botanical garden when they met Fiorina at the Koi pond. The former HP CEO then gave them campaign stickers and led them off to another room, where she arranged them as pro-life set dressing.

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