Blacks Belong At "Slower Schools": Supreme Court Justice Scalia Really Just Said That

ICYMI amongst the chorus of outrage over Donald Trump's latest round of racist comments, the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments this week in Fisher v. the University of Texas, a landmark case challenging the use of race in college admissions –– and Justice Scalia just lost his goddamn mind.


Justice Alito Compares Gay Marriage To Polygamy During SCOTUS Trial

In the Supreme Court case Obergefell vs. Hodges (aka, the gay marriage trial), we expected to hear some crazy things.

Ruling: Meh, I don't feel like dealing with gay marriage today. Credit: Thinkstock

SCOTUS Okays Gay Marriage In Kansas—Kinda

Looking at you, Scalia and Thomas.

Well, at least one cuff is off. (Credit: ThinkStock)

What the Hell Are 'Circuits' And Why Isn't Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere Now?

The political overlords of America have spoken: Gay marriage is now legalized in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. Sort of.