I’ve realized that there is beauty in me, in my face, in the way I smile easily and laugh loudly... (Image: Instagram/ karisselizabeth)

How Selfies Reflect My Mental Health

Selfies are one of the easiest indicators of my mental health.

In so many of the pictures where I’m happiest, I don’t look my best.

My Favorite Pictures Are The Ones Where I Look Like Crap

Even though I love how I look in those picture-perfect selfies, I love the less than flawless photos too, and I’m not going to stop sharing them.


How 10 Days Of Selfies Changed My Life (Kind Of)

I decided there had to be something of substance to the serial selfiest. These people can't possibly all be narcissists.

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In Praise Of Selfies: How They Are Battling The Patriarchy

Generation Z doesn’t need your validation.

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The Science Behind Our Selfie Obsession

The celebrity nude photo leaks raise a pertinent question: Why do people take salacious selfies in the first place?