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Megan is a writer, runner and frosting addict learning to love her body one meal at a time. In premature menopause since 27, she's now mom to twin preschoolers through the wonders of modern science. Find her on Facebook or over at Meg and Her Minions.

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My scars will always be at my feet, but the blame for how they got there no longer is.

Learning To Accept My Scars Means Learning To Love Myself

Perhaps the reason I’m so self-conscious about people seeing my ankles is that I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that the scars were my own fault. My father has severe addiction issues, along with a temper that would make Cruella de Vil cower. Rationally, I know he was probably half asleep and high as a kite when he made me that bowl of soup. Still, a part of me has always felt that I must have done something to deserve what happened.

blue hair (image credit: thinkstock)

I Dyed My Hair Blue, And My Partner Didn’t Even Notice

At first I got angry. I’m supposed to be the love of his life, the Rachel to his Ross.

In so many of the pictures where I’m happiest, I don’t look my best.

My Favorite Pictures Are The Ones Where I Look Like Crap

Even though I love how I look in those picture-perfect selfies, I love the less than flawless photos too, and I’m not going to stop sharing them.

All I know is that having someone poke tiny holes in my skin is really effective at helping me manage my depression and anxiety.

I Feared Anti-Depressants Would Trigger My Eating Disorder, So I Tried Acupuncture Instead

Like 7.5 million other Americans, I have depression with a side of anxiety disorder. But I was scared to follow the traditional treatment plan of adding an anti-depressant to my breakfast, so I decided to try treating my conditions with acupuncture instead.