shark week

Some people are commenting that back in the day, Jesse Owens, the legendary sprinter, actually raced a horse. But I would remind everyone that horses were domesticated thousands of years ago and have no history of eating people. (Image Credit: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil via Wikimedia Commons)

Internet Mad At Michael Phelps For Not Really Racing A Great White Shark

The race itself was anti-climactic because it wasn’t a race. It was basically two heats of a race. First, scientists convinced a wild great white to chase a hunk of fake seal meat for 100 meters so they could time it. Then Phelps donned a specially designed shark suit and swam the exact same route.

Kids are on summer break from school and you know what that means: the internet is going to start nagging parents to combat brain drain.

5 Fun & Easy Ways (For Real) To Avoid Summer Brain Drain

You can avoid brain drain and make summer more educational with very little effort and a whole lot of fun. Here are a few of my ideas for keeping kids thinking.


Fine Fins: 5 Fashion Pieces For Your Shark Week Pleasure

Jaws logo tee not included.


Super-Rare, Freaky Goblin Shark Caught Off Coast of Florida

Footage of an extremely elusive shark with an almost-supernatural jaw will get you pumped for Shark Week.