Milky Way Galaxy Is 50% Larger Than Previously Believed

Isn't science just spectacular?


Why The "Body-Positive" Lammily Doll Is Anything But

A new sticker pack for the "realistic" Lammily doll is designed to make imperfections seem beautiful. I'm not buying it.

Courtesy of Vimeo

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Watch and Revel: Majestic Time-Lapse Video of Hawaii’s Volcanic Activity

Lava on mountains, and lava in the sea! Lava in our hearts! This video takes volcanic adoration to a new level.


Watch: Beware of Hungry Planet Eaters!

The search for earth-like exoplanets reveals another cruel reality of the universe.


Lil' Kim Gave her Baby a Really Weird Name: So What?

Lil' Kim has named her newborn daughter Royal Reign. Yes, it's weird. But what's really in a name?