Watch a Twisted Timelapse of Sequoia National Park

Courtesy of Vimeo

Courtesy of Vimeo

Who knows if or when the time-lapse craze will end, but while it’s in its throes we’re enjoying each time-warped submission.

This time, the offering features Sequoia National Forest—also known as King’s Canyon. Creator Gavin Heffernan riffs off this nickname, providing a magisterial combination through towering mountains, illuminated night sky, regal music and the ghostly sound recording of Edward VIII of England’s abdication of the throne. (No doubt an allusion to the fact that ultimately we all abdicate our mortal strivings to nature . . . or some similarly deep insight.)

The effect is both awe-inspiring and slightly deranged—aided by Heffernan’s manipulation of some of the footage. It’s a national park crazy-train, and we’re happily along for the ride!

KINGS from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.



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