"In A Heartbeat:" The Animated Short That's Got The Internet In Full Swoon-Mode

"In A Heartbeat"

"In A Heartbeat"

Today in, No, YOU'RE CRYING: "In A Heartbeat," the animated short film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo.

Warning: This is probably going to give you some Feelings. 

The film features Sherwin, a closeted young boy who, per the film's plot description, "runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams."

Beth and Esteban have been quoted as saying this was the kind of film they wish they'd had growing up. From Beth: “The original pitch was a story between a boy and a girl, but it wasn’t until we made it about a same-gender crush that the idea really started to take form and resonate with Esteban and I. We realized that we had something that could potentially be really special to us.”

And really special to us, too.

The film has a kickstarter page, which it will now never need because the whole world is going to be talking about this sweet story of young love for like ever.

Also the jerks of the internet will be yapping their traps because...

the characters are *GASP* GAY.

And animated films with gay characters are obviously written and marketed with children in mind, to help further the Gay Agenda. Because that's what the Gay Agenda wants more than anything — for everyone to be gay. 

Nah. Pretty sure the Gay Agenda just wants to be left the hell alone to fall in love with a cute brunette with his nose in a book. 

Bravo told NBC news, “With ['In a Heartbeat'], we wanted to challenge the preconceived notion that LGBTQ content is not appropriate or suitable for younger audiences. It’s an innocent and lighthearted story about a boy and his crush that we hope will resonate with younger people regardless of their background.”

Why don't gay people ever accuse movies like Up of trying to turn everyone into a straight widower? 

Because that doesn't even make sense, and they know it.

This is one of the cutest short films I've ever seen. The end.


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