How long does sex last? Inquiring minds want to know!

How Long Does Sex Last? Not Long Enough (Says A New Survey)

How long does sex last? This new (barely scientific) study of 3,836 people actually shows that men and women aren’t far off in their expectations.


Men Weigh In On Age-Old Conundrum: Why Do So Many Hot Women Date Ugly Dudes?

We are but insignificant flesh-krill in a tumultuous sea of judgment, shame, and confusion.


Disturbing But Not "Shocking": New Study Shows 1 In 3 Men Would Rape If They Could Get Away With It

I fully acknowledge that we live in a click-bait-driven world and yet . . . are these findings really "surprising"? Absolutely not.

Little known fact: gay divorce cake is extra delicious. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Think Tank Research Suggests Gay Couples Are Nearly Half As Likely To Divorce As Breeders

So, drop big bucks on your gay friends' wedding present!


New Study Says High Heels Transform Us Into (Literal) Damsels In Distress

Archives of Sexual Behavior just published a paper that says men are more likely to help women wearing heels. Gag.


Please Stop Talking About Your Amazing Life Experiences, Says Study

New research reveals the social costs of "extraordinary experiences" . . . and why I rarely discuss my backpacking trip to Asia.


Seriously? Alaska Bars Offer Free Pregnancy Tests to Drunk Women

Twenty bars in Alaska will soon offer pregnancy tests to patrons. While well-intentioned, we have to wonder: Is this really the smartest plan?