Trans-exclusive feminists habitually derail arguments into tirades about freedom of speech if, for example, you remind them that “transgender” is an adjective, not a noun

The Group Of Women Who Harass Me More Than Men

The fact is that trans-exclusionary feminists and misogynists are, despite some trivial differences, basically on the same side.

Roxane Gay at a significantly less dreadful interview with Trevor Noah

How Mamamia's Treatment Of Roxane Gay Reveals The Fatphobia In Feminist Spaces

One has to wonder what they would have done if they had been trying to do it with a “mean spirit.”


Trans Women Don't Need Radfems' Gender Policing 

Trans-exclusionary radical feminism is by definition bigoted against trans women. That doesn't mean bigots don't sometimes have a point. It was frustrating to watch both sides of the divide on the question of whether trans women are women talk completely past each other in the article What Makes a Woman?


My Little Feminequist Pony: Lesbian Separatist Fan Fiction

Under the guidance of the two princess-goddesses, Equestria is to this day a place where stallions and mares enjoy equal privileges.