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Vaginal steaming (or v-steaming, if you prefer) has been done across the globe for centuries.

What You Should Know About Vaginal Steaming

I had never heard of Steamy Chick let alone vaginal steaming but months later, I’m an at-home v-steamer, and I love it! Yes, I love vaginal steaming!

"Is intercourse painful?" she asked.   "No, but it absorbs his anger and sadness. Maybe my vagina isn’t happy after all."

How My Vagina Broke Up With My Boyfriend

My vagina knew months before I did that we weren’t going to paddle off into the sunset together.

5 foods for optimal vagina health.

5 Foods That Are Good For Your Vagina

As the saying goes, you are what you eat — meaning, what we put into our bodies affects our overall health. Here are 5 foods that are good for your vagina.