Do I tell my coworker that I saw his junk? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Do I Tell My Coworker That I Saw His Junk?

How in the world do I go about letting him know that he was exchanging dirty pics with someone who is not a stranger after all? I saw his junk!

Um, yuck.

Take The Cake: 'This American Life' Is Really Bad At Talking About Fat

Though there was useful commentary, deeply personal stories, and some incisive observations, my problem with the episode is that it ultimately repeats a harmful framework:
Fat people (nearly all women) were on trial and up for observation (their privacy already considered non-existent) — not the fatphobic bias that had so clearly shaped their lives.


Breaking News: You're Not A Weirdo For Having A Kink

Got a kink? Think you’re weird because of it? Turns out, nah. Kink is in!