Have the awkward conversation. Fight for your friendship if it’s worth fighting for.

My Wealthy Friend: I Love You, But You’re Hurting Me

It’s Monday, 6 a.m. and Sarah, 30, wakes up — as she does five days a week (but really, it’s seven, because the body is a fickle thing).

"I scream when I come, and I can buy fancy earplugs for the whole neighborhood!" Courtesy of ThinkStock

Sex Survey Says, "Rich Men Give Better Orgasms"

Actually, my orgasm doesn't depend on your bank account. This "science" is an insult to women and clitorises everywhere.

Credit: Thinkstock

Behold, The Halloween Grinch! Wealthy Woman Doesn't Want To Give Candy To Poor Children

A woman from the "impoverished side of Greenwich or Beverly Hills" doesn't like poor trick-or-treaters.


High on History: Sick Sad World — 20th-Century Aristocrats Used Mental Patients as Slaves

There are few things that engross (horrify) us like tales of mental asylum scandal, and boy, have we got a good one!